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Latest topics
» New month - New stocks - New hope & More laks ;)
Today at 7:33 pm by opfdo

» SING one of the investment and trading company
Today at 7:28 pm by sikka89

» Results out - 31st Oct
Today at 7:22 pm by opfdo

Today at 7:19 pm by kabba

» LIOC.... will go up
Today at 7:14 pm by shane001

» How to Choose a Stock
Today at 7:13 pm by matthewkevin

» HHL Hemas Holding can be the next big winner.
Today at 7:12 pm by MarketWch

Today at 7:06 pm by Bolinger

» TJL research report Bartleet Securities Target price 22.50
Today at 7:02 pm by buddhika.naween

» ACME possible change of ownership?
Today at 6:41 pm by bakapandithaya

» TKYO lovers - MACD is in your side.Positive signs for you
Today at 6:34 pm by zoozzoo

» PCH - HNB shows positive sign
Today at 6:27 pm by m2_yapa

» Any Idea about October 2014 Inflation
Today at 6:20 pm by stockback

» RICH.N0000
Today at 6:16 pm by nimesh.nana

» This is for OSEA lovers - MACD showing good signs
Today at 6:14 pm by Balanced_Views

» TESS Agro...?
Today at 6:14 pm by fff4sl

» Who got caught to IDL.N0000 above 115.00
Today at 6:10 pm by dilandv

» Say yeah !!! A2Z is back
Today at 6:00 pm by opfdo

» IDL.N0000 is still not moving
Today at 6:00 pm by fireshelter

» Market Summary - 31th Oct - Massive Foreign inflow
Today at 5:56 pm by fff4sl

» Net Foreign inflow exceed 4.2 Bn within 5 Days
Today at 5:43 pm by fireshelter

» ATL.......
Today at 5:33 pm by Dhehan

» Vidullanka results out.............
Today at 5:32 pm by sudheeee

» NTB - passing bid quatities
Today at 5:32 pm by Harry82

» VFIN , MDs buying pattern and financial sector consolidation
Today at 4:54 pm by stockback

» Buy KDL @ current prices
Today at 4:27 pm by Bolinger

» NIFL Ready for Mega Bull Run
Today at 4:26 pm by fireshelter

Today at 4:25 pm by sudheeee

» CRL Future (Soft Logic Finance)
Today at 4:10 pm by K7

» BOGA .......................
Today at 4:07 pm by Patchchasira

» TJL Lovers - MACD tell us just go for it.
Today at 3:55 pm by zoozzoo

» FLCH - is ready to go with plantation rally
Today at 3:45 pm by Nuwan Samarawickrama

» DFCC, is it really worth at current price??
Today at 3:39 pm by mdcpk1975

» සංවර්ධන ණයට NDB-DFCC ඒකාබද්ධයේ යෝජිත නව බැංකුව සමඟ යුනියන් බැංකුව ගැටෙති.
Today at 3:35 pm by suku502

» ODEL : collecting starts ......
Today at 3:32 pm by Damithsam

» VPEL - News Just in
Today at 3:32 pm by CARACALLA

» Dont sell COLO and ESL until report out
Today at 3:30 pm by suku502

Today at 2:31 pm by Thinker

» Nation Lanka Finance ( CSF )
Today at 2:24 pm by buddikasmart

» ASHA N0000
Today at 2:16 pm by 123longway

» Sri-Lanka stocks will rally into year-end
Today at 2:05 pm by VALUEPICK

» TJL capital alliance reaserch report
Today at 1:25 pm by ddrperera

» Ten Reasons To Invest In Sri Lanka
Today at 1:23 pm by jeyaa9

» Anyone experiencing issues with DFN ?
Today at 1:11 pm by maalinda

» HOW IS REG @77
Today at 1:09 pm by fireshelter

» MHDL.....................
Today at 1:07 pm by aiyosalli

Today at 1:03 pm by kabba

» Margin trading for traders
Today at 12:38 pm by c.sen

» Technical Analytics & Charts
Today at 12:33 pm by SHARK aka TAH

» IDL possible to break 150+
Today at 12:32 pm by gayanath1983

» PCH Shares?
Today at 12:22 pm by Dhehan

» GLAS NAV from 3.83 to 3.54
Today at 12:22 pm by tryinghard

» Tomorrow is End of the week/ end of October
Today at 12:13 pm by Dhehan

» Sri Lanka Insurance Co-operation To Be Listed
Today at 11:51 am by SHARK aka TAH

» SHAW TOO.............
Today at 11:47 am by RPPA

Today at 11:38 am by fireshelter

» Thursday Markets- EPF පීපල්ස් ලීසිං ලාභ නෙලයි !කැප්ටන් ලාත් සක්‍රියයි !කොටස් වැඩ් කළ සෙරෙන්ඩ්බ් රුපියල් 21 කින් නගී
Today at 11:30 am by shadow walker

» Interim Financial Statements 30-09-2014
Today at 10:55 am by shadow walker

» Maskeliya plantation - Landslide oh God
Today at 10:51 am by aiyosalli

» COCO.N0000 ?????
Today at 10:50 am by RPPA

» Today will be GREEN - last chance to buy
Today at 10:19 am by Thinker

» Technical Journal Book of NC
Today at 9:27 am by NC

» SFIN the next mover in the BFI sector
Today at 8:54 am by Balanced_Views

» Friday counters
Today at 8:35 am by OzTRADER

» JKH.N000….???
Today at 1:06 am by fireshelter

» ලයිස්තුගත වි වසර 02 යි!PC PHARMA PLC ආදායම් “0”ටම බසි !
Today at 1:02 am by fireshelter

» UDPL Results
Yesterday at 11:53 pm by fireshelter

» Does Direct FN allows Stop Loss Orders......
Yesterday at 11:43 pm by AsK19

Yesterday at 11:26 pm by fireshelter

Yesterday at 11:24 pm by fireshelter

» Unit Trust
Yesterday at 10:18 pm by shane001

Yesterday at 9:47 pm by schemer

» Can You Please.......
Yesterday at 9:41 pm by AsK19

» ACME R......
Yesterday at 8:32 pm by spr@cse

» what is this IDL.N000
Yesterday at 8:07 pm by NZ BOY

» Any one? How Much?
Yesterday at 7:29 pm by shane001

» Regarding Rights
Yesterday at 7:27 pm by SAWA123

» DIPPED PRODUCTS Interim Financial Statements as at 30-09-2014
Yesterday at 7:24 pm by Gainer

» Market Summary - 30th Oct - More Dollors
Yesterday at 6:28 pm by RPPA

» SLEF members to propose the methodology for Small Investor Association to the SEC
Yesterday at 6:14 pm by NC

» Foreign buying.
Yesterday at 5:50 pm by sikka89

» ASHA n0000
Yesterday at 5:30 pm by 123longway

» Portfolio Management
Yesterday at 5:16 pm by fireshelter

» Man mekata aluth
Yesterday at 5:12 pm by sikka89

» WAPO -another hidden gem
Yesterday at 5:03 pm by fireshelter

Yesterday at 4:51 pm by opfdo

Yesterday at 4:34 pm by fireshelter

» PLC, CRL, CABO & RENU results out
Yesterday at 4:10 pm by kadik

» ASPI -7,305.38........
Yesterday at 4:04 pm by kuma524

» Be careful with CFL
Yesterday at 3:52 pm by RPPA

» ජනශක්තිත් ණයකරයකින් එයි!Serendib Engineering sub-division of shares මෙන්න අද කොටස් පොලේ නිවේදන
Yesterday at 3:26 pm by CSE1

» PCP..............
Yesterday at 3:09 pm by hlsindrajith

» LWL .. what do you think ?
Yesterday at 3:08 pm by Akalanka

» will it hit 7500?
Yesterday at 2:58 pm by anjelo

» Glas & DPL
Yesterday at 2:10 pm by jazstock

» sudden interest on VLL ???.............
Yesterday at 2:08 pm by sudheeee

Yesterday at 1:56 pm by sudheeee

» This talk about the quarterly reports???
Yesterday at 1:50 pm by RPPA

» No need to demote- But careful
Yesterday at 1:39 pm by Octopus

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