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PCH-WOW Bonanza rewards customers at PC House 9 to 9 showroom511

PCH-WOW Bonanza rewards customers at PC House 9 to 9 showroom

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PCH-WOW Bonanza rewards customers at PC House 9 to 9 showroom

Post by KPMG on Tue Feb 22, 2011 5:11 pm

Only For Information purposes....

Colombo, Sri Lanka, February 2011:
Bringing an element of excitement to shopping, the PC House PLC’s flagship showroom 9to9 is rewarding its customers handsomely through an exciting promotion. The WoW Bonanza promotion includes nine draws within nine weeks in their 9to9 showroom. Shoppers have a chance of winning amazing prizes during this time.

Head of Marketing at PCH, Mr. Rizwan Anise said, “We are excited about the WOW Bonanza promotion being carried out at the 9-9 showroom. When we opened the showroom just two months ago, we promised to give our customers great deals and promotions. Therefore we are pleased to announce this promotion, as it is a way to reward our loyal customers.”

Elaborating further, Rizwan said the prize draws will be held in three phases during nine weekly draws where customers can win valuable IT equipment, computer software and gift vouchers. Then a monthly draw entitles them the chance to win themselves three Samsung LCD TV Monitors, and have the opportunity of winning a DELL Vostro 1220 Notebook at the grand draw held at the end of the promotion. Those who do not win at the weekly draws will still have the opportunity of winning big as they are eligible for the subsequent monthly draws and the grand draw as well. Customers who purchase goods exceeding the value of Rs. 10,000 will receive coupons which will enable them to participate in the promotion with additional opportunities of participating in the promotion as coupons will also be given for each multiple of Rs. 10,000 of the total purchase. A grand draw held in March will be the culmination of this ‘Wow Bonanza’ promotion.

The PCH 9 to 9 showroom is open 365 days of the year and offers its customers a diverse array of products and services including computers and accessories, office automation equipment, audio visual equipment, printing solutions, network and communication devices and software solutions. Customers can also look forward to free demonstrations, delivery and technical support within Colombo city limits. The store’s Sunday shopping concept, open until 9 pm, will give customers the opportunity to shop in leisure without the usual rush. An added bonus is the highly trained technical staff who are at hand to help shoppers make informed decisions or answer any technical queries.

PCH is the new corporate brand identity for PC House PLC which was recently listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. The new brand identity reflects the change from a family owned business to a public company with a vision to be the benchmark for ICT in Sri Lanka.

PC House was incorporated as a limited liability company in the year 2000, after having commenced business in 1997 and became PCH PLC. Its Board of Directors consists of Messrs S.H.M. Rishan, Mangala Boyagoda, Sarath Wikramanayake, Modarage Thilakasiri, Shanti Kumar Nadarajah, Kuvera de Zoysa and Mrs. Sharmila Rishan.

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Manager - Equity Analytics

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