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Stock Trading - Getting Started

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Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by Quibit on Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:45 am

What do I have to do to trade stocks?

You need to have a CDS account. The process is very easy, just call one of 27 stock brokers and collect the registration form. Fill the form and submit with a copy of the national identity card and utility bill (within last 6 month) that proves your address to the broker. Generally within 2-3 working days your CDS account will be created.
You may call the brokerage office to find out whether your CDS account is created. When it's ready, you may call your advisor to ask him to make your first transaction.

** above listed are the minimum requirements and you may provide additional details based on the requirements by the selected broker.

I am no rich! How much money is needed to start trading?

You may even start with Rs. 100 depending on the stock that you select to buy. Generally stocks trade in lots of 100. Therefore if you wish to buy a stock that's trading around Rs. 50, to buy 100 shares you will need about Rs. 5000 (50x100) + 56 (rough commission = 1.12%*).

Similarly there are companies that trade at very low prices e.g. around Rs. 0.80. Assuming that you are planning to buy 100 shares of such stock then your total cost would be about Rs. 80 (0.80x100) + 15.36 (rough commission of 1.12% subject to a minimum brokerage of Rs. 10 and a minimum CDS fee of Rs. 5. )
So really you can start with any amount. Just go for it. You can invest more as you gather knowledge about them.

*This transaction cost is for transactions up to Rs. 50 million. For transactions above Rs. 50 million the cost will include a minimum brokerage of 0.2% and other costs amounting to 0.4125% of the value of the transaction.

Need some help with filling the forms?

In order to get the CDS account, you must fill the following forms. In addition to these your broker may request you to fill in more information depending on different services that they offer. Most information requested in these forms are very straight forward, nevertheless you may wonder what the below really means

Duly completed CDS Forms 1 & 1A;
A copy of the NIC;

- If you don't have your NIC a copy of the Passport should be provided.
- If you don't have either the NIC or a Passport then a copy of the Driving License should be provided (with an affidavit affirming the NIC number and that both NIC and Passport are not available);
- If your current address is different from the address in your NIC, a utility bill to prove your residence;
- If the above utility bill is in your parents name proof of relationship should also be provided.

How do I know, which stocks to buy?

That's what the advisor is there for! Every brokerage has multiple advisors. When you create your account they will assign an advisor for you. He is your expert, you may call him or meet him to find out what stocks are the best stocks to invest in the market. Your advisor too may have certain questions for you, such as whether you are looking for a long/medium/short term investment, amount of money that you are planning to invest initially, etc.

You may be a school teacher, a chef or an architect. Just as you are experts in your fields, advisors are the experts in stock market domain. Get the best from them.
Nevertheless it is always advised that you too learn as much as you could about the market. More knowledge about stock markets can only make you wiser and richer!

How fast can I make money in the Stock Market? What is the minimum guaranteed return?

The return (profit) you make from a stock is as simple as buying the stock at a lower price and selling at higher price*. After deducting buying commission (1.12%) and the selling commission (1.12%) you will get your net profit. Therefore your returns depend entirely on the price movement on the stocks you bought. Price can move in either direction for various reasons.

So simply there is no guaranteed return in stock market investments nor can we say how fast you can make money. In fact you could well lose your money if you do not select your stocks wisely.

Your returns entirely depend on how wisely you select your stocks.
*There are other forms of returns from stocks such as dividends.

How fast can I take my money back?

If you sell your stocks today your account will be credited in 3 working days from today. Therefore you can take the money back within 3 working days of any day that you select to exit your stocks. Nevertheless if you suddenly decide to exit your stocks, you might have to sell the stocks at the price prevailing at the market as at that given date. This might probably not be the desired price at which you wanted to sell the stocks.

Is my money safe in the Stock Market?

First of all you are only buying shares of a company or companies. Stock exchange and the brokerages are only the parties that facilitate these transactions. Having shares of a company is almost like you own a small % of that company.
Performance of the stock depends on how successful or unsuccessful the company is. If the company performance or the information about the company is favorable, most probably the share prices may go up, if the information is unfavorable, stock prices may affect adversely. Therefore the safety of your money depends almost entirely on how well the company performs and information circulating about the company.

How can I lose money in Stock Markets?

Risks are common to any investment. One of the main risks of share trading would be the possible drop in value of shares you've bought. But if you buy shares after careful consideration of the performance of the company then it is unlikely that you will lose. However, Economic, Political, Social, Technology and various other conditions could also affect the share prices.

One way that you could possibly minimize your risk is by investing in different companies in different sectors. As it is commonly said 'Don't put all your eggs in one basket'.
But always remember 'Never invest more than you can afford to lose'.

I want to start trading stocks, what advise would you like to give me?.

If the stock trading is new to you, it's very important that you gather as much knowledge about this domain as possible. We would recommend for you to observe the market, more specifically few selected stocks for few days. Consider that you have bought them with paper money (not real money) now keep an eye on to see how your money is progressing. This will give you a good feel of how prices fluctuate with you having to invest your actual money. Practice makes it perfect!

Further read as much as you can. The more you read about the information related to stock markets and the Colombo Stock Exchange the more it gears you up for the real thing. Especially with the power of the internet, no information is far away from any person. Knowledge is power!

Talk to an expert, who you can trust and who can give you honest opinion about the state of the market, good stocks that you can invest in.

When you feel you are equipped listen to your instincts!

Can anyone open CDS Account?

Of course, if you are above 18 years of age and have your National Identity Card you can open a CDS account.

Is it a must to open a CDS account if I am to buy shares?

Further, if you are subscribing in a new company through an IPO you will have to open a CDS account because share certificates are not issued any more.

My Advisor never has time for me. I don't think I am getting a fair treatment.

Most investment advisors are very busy simply given the fact that the CSE has experienced an exponential growth over the last few years. Therefore, they naturally have very little time with each investor within the market hours. If you feel that your advisor does not give you enough attention please re think whether you are pushing for the information enough. Therefore, part of the blame should also come to you for not being able to extract the information you were seeking.

Nevertheless, if you still believe that your advisor is not giving you proper attention you may anytime request the broker to change your advisor or select another advisor of a different brokerage where you know is generally good.

Why should I invest in the Stock Market and not in a savings account or a fixed account? What are the additional benefits?

If you invest your savings in a bank deposit you are sure to get an interest at the end of each month, (unless otherwise the bank goes bankrupt!!!) However, the return you get is fixed. If you invest in the share market with the correct knowledge and a bit of caution, your returns could best be explained as unlimited. But you should also keep in mind that the share prices always fluctuate and there is a risk that you will make a loss. You should only invest in the stock market if you can take that risk.

Every investment has its pluses and minuses. It is up to you to decide which investment best suits you based on your expectations and the amount of risk you are willing to take. As they say, higher the risk higher the return!

How do I pay for the share I buy?

You have to deposit a sum that is equivalent to the value of the shares you buy plus the commission, to the bank account of your broker within 3 market days of the trade occurring (by T+3).

What if I am unable to pay during he period?

Your broker will be obliged to sell your shares within 5 market days of the trade occurring (by T+5) and recover the monies owing to them if you do not pay for your shares within three market days of the trade occurring (by T+3).

Can I trade on my own without a Broker?

Most brokers today offer online trading facilities where the investors themselves can place orders from wherever they are using internet. Nevertheless you must check if your broker provides such facility, if yes, you may have to request for that facility.

This provides complete independence for the investor to play the market with their own consent. There are pluses as well as negatives in this. Pluses are that you may act promptly and cut down some serious delay in placing orders. The negative side can be that, as you are on your own, the tendency of making mistakes is high unlike in a scenario when you are talking to your advisor where they could provide you with greater insights of what is right and wrong.

Therefore the correct approach would be to strike a balance of both; you can be independent when placing orders but it is highly advised that you keep in touch with your advisor on regular basis to hear the hot news in the market.
Sometime all of us need a reality check!

My English is not that good. Is it a problem?

Not at all! Learning how to read stocks is very easy. Further most brokerages provide information in native languages (both in Sinhala and Tamil). In fact even if you are very good in English, once you build a good relationship with your brokers, most likely you will end up talking to them in your native language as this is the case in many business relationships in Sri Lanka.

So again, by all means you don't need to speak good English to trade stocks.

Is it true that Colombo market is controlled by an handful of individuals and others are playing to their tunes?

Well, we really don't know the answer to this. As you may be aware Colombo exchange is still a smaller exchange compared to some of the exchanges in developed countries. What is important to note is that, this very myth or fact is there against most of the very big and developed markets as well. So frankly speaking, you should really not worry too much about these when nobody has a direct answer, just focus on whether there are opportunities for you to benefit. And what is more important to understand is that economic and market conditions in most circumstances are more powerful than the power of few individuals. Therefore if the country's political, economic, social and technology trend is looking good, those are even better reasons why you should not be concerned about such matters when investing in the market.

Nevertheless if you are convinced that this is indeed a fact and your money is at risk due to this, we suggest you consider alternative investment vehicles.

Copyright: Sri Lanka Equity Analytics

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Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by Antonym on Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:57 am

Quibit: This is an excellent ready reckoner for a new investor. I appreciate your efforts to demystify investing in shares and to make the CSE accessible to everybody.
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Vice President - Equity Analytics

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by StocksWatch on Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:46 am

Excellent article. Thanks.
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Assistant Vice President - Equity Analytics

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by Kaush on Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:39 am

Excellent article for a beginner and even for a person who wish to start again by using fundamentals.

Equity Analytic
Equity Analytic

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by Soundchips on Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:42 am

Thanks, very useful...

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Senior Manager - Equity Analytics

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by Gihan on Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:34 am

Excellent article. Thanks.

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by JennyFunny on Sat May 21, 2011 9:46 am

Hi all,just wanted to know if the is a separate commission for day trades? Surprised

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Senior Manager - Equity Analytics

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by tkc on Sat May 21, 2011 9:50 am

SanjivFund wrote:Hi all,just wanted to know if the is a separate commission for day trades? Surprised

Intra day Trading

With effect from 15th February 2006, the transaction fee due to the broker, CSE, CDS and SEC on intra day trades, where a client buys and sells or sells and buys the same security on the same day through the same broker will not be charged on one side of the transaction.
(Please note that Share Transaction Levy will be charged on both sides of the Transaction)

In the event the total number of shares purchased does not equal the total number of shares sold, the transaction fees as detailed above will not be levied on the lower quantity of shares either purchased or sold.

In the event the total quantity purchased is equal to the total quantity sold the transaction fees will not be levied from the sales transaction.

Please note that the total purchases and sales of a client in the same security will be considered for purpose of determining the exemption of the Brokerage, CSE, CDS and SEC fees (transaction fee).
Client X's trades in ABC shares on particular day


Total Purchases = 5,000 shares
Total Sales = 4,000 shares

No transaction fee will be levied on the 4,000 shares sold, apart from the Share Transaction Levy.

Client V's trades in ABC shares on a particular day


Total Purchases = 900 shares
Total Sales = 1,500 shares

No transaction fee will be levied on the 900 shares purchased, apart from the Share Transaction Levy.

Odd lots, Crossing and AON trades will not be considered for the exemption of Brokerage, CSE, CDS and SEC fees.


A Member Firm may share 50% of the brokerage with a foreign broker if a foreign broker is involved in a transaction.

Source : cse
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Senior Manager - Equity Analytics

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by osandacooray on Tue May 24, 2011 3:53 am

Excellent article . It was really helpful . Thanks for the good work .

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by sampathmaha on Tue Jun 07, 2011 8:07 am

Thanks Brother. It's usefull

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by tbilesh on Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:43 pm

Thank you in advance for this article. There is every thing i needed to know about trading. and you have talked about problem which i am suffering(My Advisor never has time for me. I don't think I am getting a fair treatment.) in one word excellent.. Smile

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Stock Analytic

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by kav4 on Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:27 pm

Great article.

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Senior Manager - Equity Analytics

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by JennyFunny on Fri Jun 24, 2011 12:59 am

Great article thanks "tkc"

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Senior Manager - Equity Analytics

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by chathu on Sat Jul 02, 2011 9:06 am

thanks brother.
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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by ajithsri on Wed Jul 27, 2011 2:21 am

Thanks for the post. It's very useful.

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by laki on Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:42 am

very nice article

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Senior Equity Analytic

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Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by sriranga on Tue Aug 16, 2011 6:13 am

Constructive article.
Expecting more of this kind in future.
Thanks a lot.
God bless you.

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by 771029360 on Tue Aug 16, 2011 6:37 am

Superb , Thanks. bounce

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Stock Analytic

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by Wihaga2008 on Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:55 am

Great article thanks bro!

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Stock Analytic

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by mayabi on Mon Nov 03, 2014 3:08 pm

Looking for day traders to trade big size accounts

Equitie BP starts from 50k to few m's with perspective to grow.
Profit target 2-4 % per month.
For short period of time traders will have to use a demo platform before they will get a real account.
Steady day traders only.

P.S. Don't write PM

Stock Analytic
Stock Analytic

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by D.G.Dayaratne on Mon Nov 03, 2014 10:33 pm

An Excellent article

Can you explain about the credit facilities offered by stock brokers

Rule applicable and practices

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Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics

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Re: Stock Trading - Getting Started

Post by agrawalmadhuri154 on Mon Aug 08, 2016 3:50 am

The stock market has made substantial declines. Indian stock tips for a stock market is a place where an investor invests their money in hope to earn more than their investments. The popular companies which are listed on NSE or BSE sell their shares. If a particular people buy their shares they have a   now own a share of the company. If the company does well the price of their stock increases and If the company face loss then   the stock price decreases. If the price that you sell your stock is more than the money you paid for it that means you made money by your investment. When you can save your investment with top ten mcx tips provider or best nifty option tips provider. They are best tips provider and many more types tips provider that like stock market tips provider Commodity Tips, equity tips, stock tips, HNI tips, Intraday tips and many more in  best way to get success in your business.

Stock Analytic
Stock Analytic

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