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Today at 11:13 am by Lstyle

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Today at 11:08 am by Ernie Tissera

» Sri Lanka to impose 'super gains' tax on company profits: Interim Budget 2015
Today at 11:05 am by nalban

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Today at 10:25 am by NZ BOY

» Its a blood bath - Market is crashing!!
Today at 10:20 am by VALUEPICK

» keep an eye on LCEM
Today at 10:10 am by sureshot

» Experts point of view Interim Budget 2015 ???
Today at 9:59 am by aiyosalli

» :) :) Collectors are on the move
Today at 9:49 am by cpw

Today at 7:48 am by hettihewa

» good time to enter into HVA again...
Today at 4:13 am by Teller

» TJL.........
Today at 3:43 am by dil7

» ESL last 12 Month EPS 19.01 ESL value Above 200
Today at 12:04 am by NZ BOY

» Colombo Bourse's Billion Rupee club
Yesterday at 11:50 pm by NZ BOY

» Budget reading started??
Yesterday at 10:32 pm by EquityChamp

» Did u observed the artificial up trend today?
Yesterday at 9:58 pm by EquityChamp

» TJL Results
Yesterday at 8:33 pm by fireshelter

» TJL Results
Yesterday at 8:33 pm by fireshelter

» OSEA Results
Yesterday at 8:32 pm by fireshelter

» OSEA Good dividend
Yesterday at 7:39 pm by Aubrey Perera

» Interim Budget 2015 reading
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Yesterday at 5:14 pm by EquityChamp

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Yesterday at 1:00 pm by dsam

» ASCO Is goint more than 64
Yesterday at 12:57 pm by EquityChamp

» KAPI.N Issaraht drop wenwooo
Yesterday at 12:54 pm by EquityChamp

» sira........
Yesterday at 12:47 pm by EquityChamp

» SIRA Eps 0.50 rupee per share for last 3 month
Yesterday at 12:32 pm by NZ BOY

» ASCO.R 50.00 ASCO.N 51.20 ?
Yesterday at 12:29 pm by EquityChamp

» මොකද හිතන්නේ CIFL??
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Yesterday at 12:01 pm by kash1989

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Yesterday at 11:27 am by sharemarket

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Yesterday at 11:22 am by EquityChamp

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Yesterday at 11:19 am by kash1989

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Yesterday at 10:53 am by piras

» how about WATAWALA?
Yesterday at 10:52 am by piras

» Today uptrend may be anticipating good budget
Yesterday at 10:48 am by EquityChamp

» POLL: What is your primary stock picking strategy?
Yesterday at 10:41 am by Spoon

» Ha haaa new tips
Yesterday at 10:35 am by EquityChamp

» ASCO N & R...........
Yesterday at 10:33 am by EquityChamp

» chat room
Yesterday at 10:17 am by sureshot

» keep an eye on LCEM
Yesterday at 9:58 am by sureshot

» Sri Lanka's Opportunity to Open Up its Economy is Now
Yesterday at 9:30 am by Hawk Eye

» Global Economic Freedom Ranking
Yesterday at 9:12 am by shane001

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Touchwood Owners Group (Investors Group)

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Touchwood Owners Group (Investors Group)

Post by nalindeenuae on Fri Oct 11, 2013 3:48 am

Pls publish contact details of TOUCHWOOD OWNERS (INVESTERS) GROUP.  There are many investers abroad who have fallen pray to TWOD.  Tochwood is playing with their hard earned money.

Stock Trader

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Re: Touchwood Owners Group (Investors Group)

Post by sriranga on Fri Oct 11, 2013 3:56 am

Try the following link.


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Re: Touchwood Owners Group (Investors Group)

Post by Kithsiri on Fri Oct 11, 2013 10:44 am

nalindeenuae wrote:Pls publish contact details of TOUCHWOOD OWNERS (INVESTERS) GROUP.  There are many investers abroad who have fallen pray to TWOD.  Tochwood is playing with their hard earned money.
I am sadden but let me be very brash here.
Despite all those actions, very little you will be able to achieve because (I believe from their fingerprints) this is another D company money laundering bogus company.
Keep trying but unlikely to get some positive results.

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Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics

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