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» පසුගිය වසරට වඩා 10%ක වර්ධනයක්‌ කොමර්ෂල් බැංකුවට රු. බිලියන 2.5ක ලාභයක්‌
by Melissa Pereira Yesterday at 9:28 am

» මහපොළ ලොටෝ ලාෆ්ස්‌ සුපිරි වෙළෙඳසල් සමග අත්වැල් බැඳගනී
by Melissa Pereira Yesterday at 9:26 am

» JOHN KEELLS HOLDINGS - Subdivision of Ordinary Shares and Adjustment to Warrants, JKH Share volume to increase by over 14.28%
by guruji Yesterday at 9:26 am

» CWM- Keep on Eye. Another Run start with this on Monday
by Jana Yesterday at 9:23 am

» Mobitel partners ‘One Million Tree Stories’
by Melissa Pereira Yesterday at 9:03 am

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by Melissa Pereira Yesterday at 9:02 am

by Harry82 Yesterday at 8:58 am

» Abans financial ??
by Beta1 Yesterday at 8:54 am

» JKH goes for share subdivision
by Melissa Pereira Yesterday at 8:43 am

» LRA reaffirms Pan Asia Bank’s BBB+ rating, Outlook Stable
by Melissa Pereira Yesterday at 8:42 am

Touchwood Owners Group (Investors Group)

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Touchwood Owners Group (Investors Group)

Post by nalindeenuae on Fri Oct 11, 2013 3:48 am

Pls publish contact details of TOUCHWOOD OWNERS (INVESTERS) GROUP.  There are many investers abroad who have fallen pray to TWOD.  Tochwood is playing with their hard earned money.

Stock Trader

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Re: Touchwood Owners Group (Investors Group)

Post by sriranga on Fri Oct 11, 2013 3:56 am

Try the following link.


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Re: Touchwood Owners Group (Investors Group)

Post by Kithsiri on Fri Oct 11, 2013 10:44 am

@nalindeenuae wrote:Pls publish contact details of TOUCHWOOD OWNERS (INVESTERS) GROUP.  There are many investers abroad who have fallen pray to TWOD.  Tochwood is playing with their hard earned money.
I am sadden but let me be very brash here.
Despite all those actions, very little you will be able to achieve because (I believe from their fingerprints) this is another D company money laundering bogus company.
Keep trying but unlikely to get some positive results.

Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics

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