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Sri Lanka Equity Forum » Political and Socio-Economic Analysis » The 17 countries with the highest level of government debt

The 17 countries with the highest level of government debt

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Under the present global financial system debt taking has become part of the global economic process. It is a kind of debt trap. It has become such a situation many counties, companies cannot run without taking credit. Thanks to implementation of bailouts, credit and other government supports many countries, many industries such as Auto, Airlines, Banking, and Insurance giants are surviving today.  

Just like effective and efficient mangers manage their debt wisely in their companies, some countries will mange their debt wisely.

When we analyse different situations in global market, it is better to keep some safe counters as well in our portfolio. We never know there may be another crisis during next two decades.

The 17 countries with the highest level of government debt

Lianna Brinded
Oct. 15, 2015, 3:43 PM

“Korea did a better job of moving quickly to clean up its banking system once and for all.”

Lessons Learned, South Korea Makes Quick Economic Recovery

Failing banks, winning economy: the truth about Iceland’s recovery

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