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Sri Lanka Equity Forum » Stock Market News » This is true story about invetsing Stock in CSE

This is true story about invetsing Stock in CSE

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Roshan Fernando

Senior Equity Analytic
Senior Equity Analytic
This is true story about one of my friend.
He invested nearly Rs500,000/- in 2010 when the market was performing well and the market is peak.
I analysis his detail, he did not get advise form advisers and share bought of his own analysis
He bought difference kind of shares 4,706,000 and worth Rs. 15,770,000/- million and
Sales Share 4,500,000/- and worth Rs.15,520,000/- million
paid Rs 350,000/- as brokerage for sales and purchases
paid nearly Rs.158,000/ as Interest for marginal accounts
Now ,he has nearly 250000 shares in small value it worth nearly Rs. 200,000/-, If he will sell it for 50% profit he can earn Rs.300,000/-
He lost interest for FD since 2010 ( for nearly 6 years)
I hope he may somehow lucky to trade this much of share and still in CSE. I think he have no luck and there is some issue about his decision of purchase and sales time in market.
Winner of his case are Brokers and the Marginal trading providers
Then, I hope it better to leave CSE after sale remaining Shares.


Not only in the CSE but also it is common in other stock markets as well. Some companies even can bankrupt due to unforeseen circumstances. Not a single industry or company is 100% safe.

How can we escape from above types of situations?

Average investors should think about margin of safety.
Identifying companies which can create mid and long term shareholder value.
Should develop successful trading and investment strategy.
Should learn as much as possible.
Avoid making mistakes in the future (still we make mistakes by buying weak companies, by becoming panic and by not following any method. We invested in weak companies in the past and we lost entire capital)
Avoid following crowds
Rely on our own research

Stock market is the place where we can make both profits and losses.

Different types of gains in the market

More than five or ten bagger gains in the long run
Profiting from some targets
Profiting from short or mid term trend
Sell stocks too early and take some profit.

Different types of losses

Cut losses when stock drop some percentage
Losing entire capital
Making losses by becoming panic
Buy stocks too late and make losses when they drop
Make losses by not selling stocks when they become overvalued(some over valued stocks can have long term growth)

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