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Sri Lanka Equity Forum » Stock Market Talk »  Sri Lanka Softlogic group eyes expansion in existing businesses

Sri Lanka Softlogic group eyes expansion in existing businesses

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Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Sri Lanka’s Softlogic group, with sales of Rs57 billion, has said it aims to double in size in five years, within existing businesses including the key retail and healthcare sectors, and not look at new ventures. 

Expansion within the chosen growth sectors will drive the group’s short and medium term growth, the 25-year-old Softlogic Group’s founder and chairman Ashok Pathirage was quoted as saying in a statement. 

The group, which employs more than 9,000 people in Sri Lanka and Australia, is “not looking at venturing into new sectors at this stage,” the statement said. 

“We believe there is enough potential within the sectors we are in, to achieve the growth we seek, and to generate robust shareholder value,” Pathirage said.

In the year to 31 March 2016, group net profit rose 22% to Rs676 million with sales up 42%.

Apart from retail and healthcare, the group also has ICT, financial services, automobiles and leisure businesses.

The statement said Pathirage credits “the group’s rapid organic growth and aggressive acquisitions” as a significant contributor to its current position, singling out its acquisitions of the Asiri Hospitals group and ODEL PLC.

Pathirage says the group is positioned to double in size in the next five years, “if everything goes to plan.”

The Healthcare and Retail sectors, as well as Financial Services look “very exciting” in the roadmap for the group’s immediate future, Pathirage said.

Softlogic aims to be a key player in the leisure sector with the opening of its second international hotel property, Mövenpick later this year, but will “pick and choose” its investments, given the capital-intensive nature of the sector, he said.

“We will also be focussing on profitability in the immediate future as a key component of the next phase of growth,” Pathirage said.

The construction of the 150 bed Asiri Hospital in Kandy has begun and is slated for opening in 2018. 

Softlogic is also building what it called the country’s biggest mall, The ODEL Mall.

“We have been a catalyst in the growing popularity of designer brands in the local market and we can see the retail sector emulating Singapore and Dubai. We want to be in that space,” Pathirage said.


Equity Analytic
Equity Analytic
SHL.N0000 able to increase it NAV from 9.80 to 11.82 within a financial year. It able to improve the business with impressive growth. Healthcare gave more contribution to this boost with help of ODEL, Softlogic Finance, Retail, ICT and other few companies which combined to softlogic. Most interesting thing is Softlogic showed this profit boost while leisure and healthcare on a huge investment on a hotel and hospital. Now already Hotel is built and Hospital in constructions with hoping to open in next few months. Also ODEL is moving to build its huge ODEL mall to give a impressive look to the mother company. I hope Leisure and healthcare to improve the profits with the new constructions. Due to construction on hotel, leisure sector demonstrated a loss which it will no more going in a loss due to completion. But hope a increase of profits with huge margins. Healthcare is undergoing with a construction but don't think it will demonstrate a loss due to stability of that sector. But when ODEL mall construction start it will show a decrease of profits but they also in the correct track. But I dont see good movement in automobile due to background environment of country. Overall Softlogic is a diamond share to have with you. It is next JKH i guess. In 2022 it will be the best company without any doubt if company plans work properly as earlier. Also there is no any company which has a good growth like SHL. In short terms it will show huge profit growth with attractive dividends and increase of NAV. Though the company is impressive Softlogic unable to attract foreign investors as considerable outlook. Also local investors has a bad experience towards the company due to some past experience such as IPO. So due to those it is struggling with 15 level. Though I hope softlogic  will carry the share to 20 level end of this year. However last few months investors showed a positive feed back toward softlogic share. This is a hidden gem and before people get into it put your hands to it. SHL is a long term investment with unbelievable return. Short term you can invest on 15 to 18 level and sell at 20 to 22 levels Hold when it hanging in 18 to 20..... Good luck......................................

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