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Sri Lanka Equity Forum » Stock Market Talk » GREG Ready for Maga Bull Run to Break 20.00+

GREG Ready for Maga Bull Run to Break 20.00+

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1 GREG Ready for Maga Bull Run to Break 20.00+ on Mon Aug 15, 2016 6:07 pm


Associate Director - Equity Analytics
Associate Director - Equity Analytics
GREG Ready for Maga Bull Run to Break 20.00+
GREG Family Profit Up and Target 20.00+


Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
yes GREG will move


Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
Senior Manager - Equity Analytics
@Gainer wrote:GREG Ready for Maga Bull Run to Break 20.00+
GREG Family Profit Up and Target 20.00+
Can you please tell us how you set the target 20+


Associate Director - Equity Analytics
Associate Director - Equity Analytics
TAP holding company of GREG Family

TAP Very Illiquid Stock Only less than 1% Shares in the market it can move up even 10.00+

GREG 30th june Quarter traded at 10.10 Now trading 12.70

TAP value increasing day by day and Next Quarter Results of TAP very good.


Vice President - Equity Analytics
Vice President - Equity Analytics
@Gainer wrote:TAP holding company of GREG Family

TAP Very Illiquid Stock Only less than 1% Shares in the market it can move up even 10.00+

GREG 30th june Quarter traded at 10.10 Now trading 12.70

TAP value increasing day by day and Next Quarter Results of TAP very good.
Dammika perera is holding VONE.DP's personnel value would increase if VONE value increase.Would value of VONE increase if Dammika perera's personnel value increase? Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

TAP value increase if GREG value increase.But not the otherway.


Associate Director - Equity Analytics
Associate Director - Equity Analytics
Strategic Investments  

Taprobane Investments

 TIL is a leading foreign exchange /money Broker in Sri Lanka licensed by Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Our operation fully concentrates on Local money market operations. We deal with all the Banks in Sri Lanka in Call Money/Term Money transactions. Cash, Tom, Spot, forward, Swap’s in DLR/LKR. Cross Currency Transactions. We are one of the most active brokers in the Government Securities Secondary market operations which include dealing in Treasury Bills, Bonds, corporate debt between banks/ Primary Dealers and corporate clients.

Taprobane Securities

Within a highly competitive arena, Taprobane Securities (Pvt) Limited successfully secured a Trading Membership from the Colombo Stock Exchange. Taprobane Securities (Pvt) Limited (TSL) commenced business on 11 December 2006 and is currently geared to handle all secondary market activities in the Colombo Stock Exchange.

Institutional investors at Taprobane Securities comes under the purview of a highly skilled and competent team who offers professional research-based advice, market making facilities, speedy order execution, tie-line facility for effective communication. Online trading facilities – as offered by Taprobane is significant – within the context of improving efficiency of order execution.

Most significant, is the emphasis placed on research. The professional advice offered finds its basis in a meticulous financial research culture, the scope of which is much broader than what is prevailing in the market at present. The projected goal for this research culture is the in depth analysis of macro-economic factors, markets, commodities, interest rates, currencies and international markets. In terms of debt trading, Taprobane Securities (Pvt) Ltd focuses on trading of medium to long term listed corporate debentures through the automated trading systems in place.

The investors who have direct access to Colombo have the opportunity to view the market at the head office retail gallery, which features all necessary facilities such as seating capacity, market viewing facility through large screens, order entering facility through investment advisors, library facility to refer annual reports, quarterly reports, company announcements, research publications, stock exchange publications. The retail clients who are unable to reach the retail gallery have the opportunity to deal over the phone and through the internet.

In addition all retail investors have access to the proposed corporate website that is proposed to bring together all market information, historical data base, corporate information and research publications. Thus, emphasis is placed on improving the knowledge of retail investors which will be significant for making the right investments.

Making its mark beyond the shores of the country, Taprobane Securities (Pvt) Ltd values foreign participation and investment. Projecting toward the future, the Taprobane Securities Ltd is currently participating in road shows organized by the SEC and CSE.

Taprobane Wealth Plus

Taprobane Wealth Plus (Pvt) Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Taprobane Holding PLC; set up to form a multi-disciplinary approach to wealth management & corporate finance activities.

At present, Taprobane Wealth Plus asserts its solid expertise in corporate finance activities, which extends to both equity and debt issue management. Equity and debt issue management involves advising and managing initial public offerings, listings via the introductory method, rights issues, private placement of shares, mergers & acquisitions etc. Debt issue management also involves arranging, structuring, managing and placing short to long term debt instruments such as commercial papers promissory notes, debentures, asset/ mortgage backed trust notes etc.

The company’s future plans include expansion of fund management activities and hence their income would be dependent on a unique investor base, comprising of local and international counterparts who are interested in investing their funds in order to obtain different combinations of risks and returns. Also on the supply side, the company would rely on many sectors for investment options such as the banking and finance sector, housing and real estate sector, diversified holding sector etc.

Lexinton Financial Services

Lexinton Financial Services (Pvt) Ltd is the Margin Trading facilitating channel of Taprobane Group. It is a subsidiary company of Lexinton Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, which is fully owned by Taprobane Holdings PLC. Lexinton was successful in obtaining a license from the SEC of Sri Lanka in late 2010, and began its commercial operations in January 2011.

In Lexinton, we offer competitive interest rates and margin limits to our clients after carrying out scrutiny checks and thorough pre-analysis of the portfolios, ensuring the best of our services, tailor made to individual clients’ needs. We have also extended our loan facilities for cash in hand subject to the risk profile of the clients’ securities portfolio. Our Margin Trading services is carried out via a fully computerized system lead by well experienced staff in the field of credit management in order to ensure the free flow of information.

Lexinton Holdings (Pvt) Limited

With the acquisition of the full stake of Lexinton Holdings (Pvt) Ltd on 20th October 2006, which in turn owns a luxury office space situated in Gothami Road, Colombo 08, the Company diversified into property management. This building, built on 17 perches of land, consists of 5 floors and a penthouse and total wall-to- wall area including ground floor parking of 21,500 square feet.

Lexinton Holdings (Pvt) Ltd holds 55% of Taprobane Plantations Ltd, which at present manages sports and recreational activity centers of Excel World Entertainment Park i.e. Millennium Development (Pvt) Ltd, which is a 100% owned subsidiary of Excel Global Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, which in turn is a sub-subsidiary of Browns Investments PLC.

Heron Agro Products (Pvt) Limited

Heron Agro Products (Pvt) Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Taprobane Holdings PLC which is a foresight project with a total extent of 30 hectares situated in Ambilipitiya in Hambanthota District, in the Southern Province.

Taprobane Equities (Pvt) Ltd

Capital Trust Partners (Pvt) Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Taprobane Holdings PLC, was acquired in March 2014 and renamedTaprobane Equities (Pvt) Ltd. The Company is an investment holding company.

Lanka Century Investments PLC

Taprobane Holdings owns 80.76% of Lanka Century Investments PLC. Lanka Century Investments PLC (Lanka Century Investments) is a public listed Investment Holding Company focusing on Sri Lanka. LCI strives to create sustainable value addition for investors and the companies in which they invest and the communities which it is a part of. The Lanka Century Investments group holding companies in diversified sectors such as manufacturing and exports of footwear and textiles.

In 2007, UK based hedge fund Lionhart Investment Limited acquired Walker & Greig PLC, a FMCG trading company and later rebranded it as Lanka Century Investments PLC while restructuring the company to an investment holding company. The company’s success story revolves around companies such as; Ceylon Leather Products (CLPL), South Asia Textile Industries Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (SAT) and The Colombo City Holdings PLC.


Equity Analytic
Equity Analytic
what is the short time target Gainer


Associate Director - Equity Analytics
Associate Director - Equity Analytics
GREG short term target 20.00+

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