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Sri Lanka Equity Forum » Stock Market Talk » Last hurdle is cleared for the CSE to move upwards.

Last hurdle is cleared for the CSE to move upwards.

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Senior Equity Analytic
Senior Equity Analytic
cheers sunny Basketball  
1.    Interest rate hike was only 25 basis points, less than expected 50 basis points hike.
2.    US has indicated its interest rate hike is gradual rather than a rapid one.
3.    UNHRC gave Sri Lanka another 2 years’ time. So we won't have to worry about that for 2 years.
4.    Hambanthota port deal is approaching.
5.    We might be able to find a partner for Sri Lankan airlines to make it a profitable entity.
6.    1.5 billion dollar bond issue is waiting to bring dollars to stabilize reserves and ease currency depreciation.
7.    IMF next tranche in April will bring dollars as well as confidence.
8.    Katunayake airport renovations nearing end, thus tourist arrival is getting back to normal.
9.    Government revenue is going up due to tax increase.
10. CSE and SEC have started promotions in Hong Kong and Australia with lots of success and more road shows to follow.
11. SEC has come with at least some plans to promote capital market. Though this is not convincing, it shows that they are in correct tract.
12. Continuous foreign buying up to now to the tune of 3.3 billion rupees which is very significant in any standards.
13. Many shares at bargain prices which makes CSE very attractive.
14. JKH selling is nearing an end making way for the market to move up.
15. EU is set to grant GSP+ to Sri Lanka soon.
16. World crude oil price has come down enabling us to retain valuable foreign reserve.
17. Ever rising property market in Colombo depicting the confidence of the investors in Sri Lankan economy and the future in large.
18. The big companies are making profits and giving good dividends.
19. The joint opposition is getting weaker day by day and they don’t seem to have any more slogans to play around.
20. If there was any manipulation to bring down the market and collect low, that must be nearing an end and they will push this up.
I don’t think of writing any negative aspects as lot of people are writing on this.
Good luck for a brighter future.


Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
A value post !!

Good job putha.



Senior Equity Analytic
Senior Equity Analytic
@Maharaja wrote:A value post !!

Good job putha.



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