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Sri Lanka Equity Forum » Stock Market Talk » World bank confirms bribery involving Maithri –Australian Co. that gave it blacklisted

World bank confirms bribery involving Maithri –Australian Co. that gave it blacklisted

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Ryan Hudson

Assistant Vice President - Equity Analytics
Assistant Vice President - Equity Analytics
(Lanka-e-News - 05.Oct.2017, 9.30PM) The World bank has acknowledged and accepted that president Maithripala Sirisena took  bribes from the Australian Co. SMEC when he was the minister of Irrigation. This was confirmed  when the World bank blacklisted that Co. on grounds of giving bribes. 
The bribe- taking of Maithripala Sirisena was for the first time highlighted by the Australian mass media last year. Maithripala in response to that most scandalous exposure only gave his characteristic answer – “I do not know’’ . However , this scandal became most grave when the world bank confirmed this , and blacklisted that Co.  
Hereunder are details ..
The World bank released a sum of US dollars 1.82 million  as aid towards Sri Lanka ‘s Irrigation project when Maithripala was the  minister of Irrigation in 2009. When the Australian Co. SMEC came  forward  for the completion of this project , Maithripala  demanded a bribe if that project was to be entrusted to that Co. According to Australian  laws, if a Co. of that country  grants a bribe to anybody of another country it is a punishable offence. Based on that, the anti corruption organization and the media of that country filed a complaint against SMEC  Co.
While the Australian Federal Police were investigating this , the world bank too launched an investigation. That was because the World bank views any corruption tainting the aid granted by it to countries like ours as most serious , sensitive and grave. Truly , it is the aim and objective of the world bank that countries like ours should work in conformity with the concept of good governance. The world bank in fact exerts pressures towards this in order to preclude officers down the line from plundering what are  granted legitimately .

Both the Federal police and World bank have probed into this bribery demanded by Maithripala Sirisena from SMEC if he was to grant the SL Irrigation project to that Co.  The chief of SMEC in SL was sacked  from the Co. as soon as this racket came to light  ( the email sent to the  parent  Co. revealed important details ) .
It was mentioned in that , if that project is to be granted to SMEC Co.  the coordinating secretary  or advisor must make a ‘political donation’ to the minister. Thereafter ,the parent Co. had remitted a huge sum of money to their local chief here , and that has been collected by someone , it revealed.  Where this sum was channeled finally is still a mystery .
Meanwhile, Maithripala Sirisena was elected as the good governance  president of the country , and when this accusation  came to light in the past  , he said he knew nothing about it , and that he would investigate this. However such an investigation has not so far been  initiated in SL. Instead, he began probing only into  the bond transaction.
In any event , since the World bank has by now confirmed that a bribe was paid by the SMEC Co. , the latter was black listed.  What led to this black listing were mainly the bribe paid to Maithripala Sirisena , and the bribe paid in respect of a Bangla Desh project by the Co. 

 ‘The Sydney morning Herald’ media of Australia published a long news report on the 4 th giving details in this regard  …
Read  …. ) .
Following this exposure Maithripala Sirisena’s international image is  hugely dented. While this is  the unalloyed stark  truth,  his henchmen, hangers on and lackeys on the other hand  are making a big din about Nobel prize award prospect , and blabbering about it.

His recent UN tour debacle  further  illustrated to what extent president Maithripala’s  international image is tarnished.  Previously when Maithripala attended the UN soon after he became president , leaders like  former US president Obama came to him from their seats to meet , greet and discuss . But on his last tour  nothing of that sort took place. Maithripala on this recent tour could meet  and discuss only with five international personalities .
Of them  , two were the general secretary of the UN who is met by everyone as a routine .  The other was , UN Human Rights Commissioner . The other three personalities who met Maithripala  were , Nepal P.M. , Pakistan P.M. and US   deputy secretary of State  (political division). 
Nepal and Pakistan are two countries belonging to our zone .The other personality  who met the president was not a state leader but a state official. In other words no powerful international leader met president Maithripala on this occasion. The contributory cause for this was not only the presently dented international image of the president but even the gross organizing incompetence of the SL officers at the SL branch of the  UN  office in New York . As it is the president himself who appointed morons and misfits like A S.P. Liyanage to those posts , it is he who had to suffer the consequences thereof.
The bottom line is , the black list record confirmed by the world bank cannot be sidelined by saying ’ I do not know.’ If Maithripala amidst this scandalous and perilous situation affecting him is to still get himself involved in the  deal with wheeler dealer Kili Maharaja ,  certainly Maithripala is going to tumble into a worse despicable and disgraceful state  than the ‘Rajapakses’ whose name is now synonymous with monumental frauds and corruption. Moreover his incurring  the wrath and curse of the masses is inevitable.  It is therefore hoped somebody will tell him at least at this belated stage , no politico had reached their goals by associating with Maharaja another name for ‘Mahajara’ (dirt and dross)  .
As a media website that worked indefatigably and was largely contributory to install Maithripala as the president , it deems it is its duty to forewarn  well ahead that , if ‘Chathurikas’ are  truly loving their ‘president father’  it is best they keep  their ‘president father ‘ out from their sordid and squalid deals. As human even the greatest leaders have met with their Waterloo through inordinate greed. It is therefore the duty of the children of ‘president father’ to keep him ‘clean out’  from their rackets when he is still  at the  crease  though without any score, instead of making  him clean out for a ‘duck’.

By an LeN special correspondent 

Ryan Hudson

Assistant Vice President - Equity Analytics
Assistant Vice President - Equity Analytics
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Associate Director - Equity Analytics
Associate Director - Equity Analytics
මහින්දට දෙන්න තමයි මං මේ අල්ලස් ගත්තෙ.

මහින්ද තමයි හොරා . මම සුදනා.

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Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Hypocrites! First cast out the beam from your eye, and then you will see clearly to cast out the splinter from the eye of your brother.
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Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Wish if Prof.Rajiva Wijesinha publish a book titled "AGAMATHI MASSINA".

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