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Sri Lanka Equity Forum » Stock Market Talk » Companies who sale computers systems to corporate sector in Sri Lanka go high in future

Companies who sale computers systems to corporate sector in Sri Lanka go high in future

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Stock Trader
Dear Friends!
As you already aware every computer in this world has CPU (Processor) which is the brain of a computer. 95% present of the processors are made by company called Intel and they have found that all the manufactured processors from 1995 has a physical circuit vulnerability called “Meltdown and Spectre”.
You can find more details about this by searching on Google.
Anyway the main point is that to fix this error all processors should be replaced. There is software patch for the security vulnerability but its slowdown the computer performance by 50%.
So according to my analysis in near future most of companies will replace they old computers with new ones. So most of the second hand computers will also come to Asia (With vulnerability). Companies like banks will purchased new PC’s to ensure they security in all computer systems.
So what I need to know is who are the companies that in CSE who sell computers systems to corporate sector in Sri Lanka?
My prediction is that they will be have good sell in they products and services in nearby future.
Please advise.

I’m sorry for my bad in English!


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