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Sri Lanka Equity Forum » Stock Market Talk » BAD MANAGEMENT OF VPEL


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1 BAD MANAGEMENT OF VPEL on Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:26 pm


Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
VPEL has reached a fifty two week low. One wonders what has happened to this company to deserve this. This company used to pay good dividends but not in the last two payments. The last financial statement shows zero income. Here is a company where there output of every Kilowatt is bought by the Government at a handsome mark up. The rain fall has been good and the out put of power has been good. Marketing efforts have to be minimal.So what generates a zero income. It obviously is the expense side of the balance sheet such as salaries, administrative expenses of printing those glossy annual reports etc. So we share holders suffer while this management of the company enjoy these high salaries and does not take the share holder concerns seriously. This attitude prevails in most of the SL companies in general. look at KAPI, KZOO as other examples.This is why the economy and stock market are going deeper in to the red. It is too bad there is no share holder protest or revolt in this country demanding better managers and good management techniques to cut out the waste and give a better return to us long suffering investors.

2 Re: BAD MANAGEMENT OF VPEL on Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:52 pm


Equity Analytic
Equity Analytic
Agree with lokka. 20 plus companies will be delisted in coming year.

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