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Sri Lanka Equity Forum » Stock Market Talk » ASI And The Future of Investors

ASI And The Future of Investors

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1 ASI And The Future of Investors on Fri Jul 20, 2018 9:45 am


Assistant Vice President - Equity Analytics
Assistant Vice President - Equity Analytics
This is a great article I got from another forum. Since we all need to think wisely and act or wait till 2020 ...... 

ASI-coming week -by SHARK

series of articles were posted by me, but there seems to be a delay in passing it by the parliament. no idea why its so delayed in the order book. need to check from the relevant ministry. they should expedite, as its high time.

people talk of political uncertainty, volatility issues aka liquidity, lack of ipos, inflation, interest rate hikes domestic and international, debt levels etc. all these matters have been an easy reasoning for the shit we are in at the moment.

newspapers like to sensationalise things to increase their incomes.

if we look at almost the majority of stock markets in the region have performed decently well with all the world events. 

look at the KSI in Pakistan, with all the turmoil that country is in, yet performance par excellence.

all that we need in cse is to pass this into law, and work towards achieving its ultimate goal.

we can find reasons one here and there, but overall positive sentiments would gather momentum with the completion of the demutualisation process.

the war ended and that made cse attractive, and now we need another wow factor. and what is that gonna be  

it would be the ultimate game changer in my opinion.

we can talk of various other factors.... but eventually, we need something big.

the initial rise would be humongous, with the news settling well in the initial stage.

so we need to be in the game for that. so no reason for us to leave. but the wait would be worthwhile.

things getting done would be very slow with powerful fellows ruling, but we have a progressive finance minister with equally a good 2nd in command to steer through the trouble days.

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