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Sri Lanka Equity Forum » Stock Market Talk » Why Access might be over Rs. 2000/ per share valued along with Banks by 2049, due to New Budget Proposals on Joint Venture Construction projects

Why Access might be over Rs. 2000/ per share valued along with Banks by 2049, due to New Budget Proposals on Joint Venture Construction projects

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Stock Trader
Currently Access Engineering has made deals with Japanese and Chinese for all Harbour projects and Airports projects.

The company will soon expedite Joint Ventures with China's China Harbour Engineering and JICA connected companies of Japan to get construction business. 

Port City project will be done by 2049 and will be fully completed by that year. That time AEL share or the Access Engineering share will be worth over Rs. 2,000/- share if no bonus shares (capitalization of Shares) or Rights issues not raised. 

Access has banking facilities with HNB and Commercial Bank and all others including Sampath Bank and Nations Trust Bank too also with Government Banks.

Access Director Ranjan Gomes is especially involved and connected to high level government parties of any government in Ports and Shipping sector as a result Government will soon pass Smart Ports project as annpounced recently by Government Media by Sagala and this will give over Rs. 1 billion inflow to Access Engineering. Company has already won over 7 Hospital projects to be completed by 2022 and that means lots of Cashflows to Access although people see little. Sumal Perera and his top two directors Joshua and Ranjan Gomes are people who work with Colombo elite to work out on Construction projects. Company has hard workers and goal oriented and committed director board. 

The share will be having at least 18% to 25% percent growth by every year due to new government decision on making it mandatory for foreign companies to have joint ventures if they are doing any construction projects.Access will have the best benefits. Also Access might venture into private Train services in Sri Lanka and Access will win a considerable portion from Colombo Lite train project. Some people say the share might be worth Rs. 58/- by next March 2020


Equity Analytic
Equity Analytic
This counter needs a political change ☝️
A dictator?? May be????


Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
AEL is a diamond. It should trade above 25 rs, even at the moment


Equity Analytic
Equity Analytic
Yep with the new regulations n all????


Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
someone told that this company will be really good in future....I also think this will be a great investment as well as a trading opportunity but if you are trading trade without any margin and if investing this will be a future gem....I also researched alot from external and internally for me AEL seems to be a good investment....Do your research before investment...take care

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